I’m Not Ira Glass: Community Media Podcasting for Everyone

Podcasting is often wooing underwriters, audiences and attention away from your station and you may not even be aware of it. Radio moved into your pocket and now goes wherever people go so that they can listen on their own schedule. Podcasting made that change happen more rapidly than the simple reality of the Internet arriving on the scene. You do not need to have Ira to podcast. Stations have the talent, equipment and ideas. Most just need guidance. This workshop introduces you to producers and leaders who took the podcasting plunge on very small budgets and made them work. Get updates from past presenters and find out how you can do it yourself, how you can market your efforts, and how you can grow your audience beyond terrestrial boundaries and schedules.

Speakers: Leah Honsky, Tom YoderNgoc-Tran Vu
Moderator: Jenni Monet

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