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The most urgent need we hear from you about is the need to raise revenue effectively, sustain your efforts over time, and expand your funding to be able to compete in a new media landscape that requires more when fundraising has become a more challenging and complex proposition. Sound familiar?

NFCB is delighted to offer you some sweet relief and practical tools to supercharge your fundraising mojo. We are delighted to announce that Jim Anderson of Goalbusters is back in action at the 2017 conference. Jim will lead Our Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees intensive. You’ll take a deep dive into practices that are proven and results oriented. Your fellow staffers, volunteers and board members will thank you for spending some time with Jim and gleaning the tips, tools, strategies and tactics that are helping stations around the country not just meet but, exceed their fundraising goals on multiple platforms.

These are your jobs and your service to community on the line! Funding our organizations is NOT going to be getting easier anytime soon. Arm yourself with knowledge and expert advice and get your questions answered.You’ll be able to head home with a fundraising framework that will add pizazz to your efforts and make your bank balance surge.

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