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On Sept. 9, you are invited for a conversation on the future of university licensees and college radio.

Colleges and universities across America today are experiencing unprecedented challenges. Enrollment continues to decline, state budgets are facing reduction, and uncertainty amid COVID-19 has meant many institutions may consider measures that could impact their educational media holdings. University moves may include cuts to campus investment in media, staffing changes, or the sale of a license.

Leaders at university/college media organizations are being tasked with creating change at a crucial time. What can stations do to stay viable in this climate? How can you better make the case, on campus and off, for the importance of these stations? Where do our greatest opportunities lie to ensure universities and colleges not only see the value in these organizations but also help foster growth?

Our roundtable participants will discuss the themes they’re seeing and offer you steps you can take to help the future of these outlets. Register free here.