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Join us this week to revitalize your fundraising strategy.

Chances are, you are looking into your next pledge drive or your development plan for the year. 2018 has the potential to be your year to help community radio get better and to be more impactful. Like New Year’s resolutions, fresh goals need attention, planning and support to happen.

NFCB this week will provide you support to create a roadmap so those goals become realities.

NFCB’s webinar welcomes leaders from public media giant (and community media loyalist) KEXP to share tips, ideas and recommendations for fund drives, member relations and development. KEXP is one of the space’s most successful. The speakers will help community radio leaders like you to remake your fundraising in 2018.

This learning opportunity is available to NFCB member stations. If you are with an NFCB member station and need connection details, or if you aren’t with a member and want to join NFCB, contact us now to attend this week’s event.

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