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Follow the Money Weekly (or FTM Weekly) delivers fierce truth about global trends along with profitable investment and income ideas. Heard in over 30 countries since 2010, our podcast helps you understand what is truly important about your money. The podcast is hosted by popular Christian economist, investor, and best-selling author, Jerry Robinson, who delivers cutting-edge commentary along with special guest expert interviews.

Program Time Length: 30-45 minutes

Day and Time Available to Stations: Thursday afternoons

Program Frequency: weekly

Program Contains Explicit Language/Content: No

Program is Doing Music Reporting for Syndication: No

Program Has Underwriting Announcements: No

Program Contains Sponsorship/Donation Information or Request: No

Program Website Has Products/Services for Sale or Accepts Donations: Yes

Program Has Pledge Drive Editions or Pitches Available: No

Program Has Pledge Drive Premiums Available: No

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Program Contact if Stations Have Questions:

Jerry Robinson