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First Wave takes you back to the genesis and evolution of Punk and New Wave and their liberation of rock ‘n’ roll. It brings context to the music to understand why and from where Punk rock emerged and its importance in influencing bands into the 21st century.


After his first Bruce Springsteen show in 1974, music critic John Landau famously wrote, “I saw rock ‘n’ roll’s future, and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” Springsteen may have been rock ‘n’ roll’s future in 1973, but punk rockers in New York and London were its liberators years before.

Post-1969, rock ‘n’ roll often sounded like a deforested landscape, with music meant to soothe, not crash into your body. Bands like Yes and King Crimson offered tunes that fit perfectly with the mainstreaming of marijuana, where passive listeners took cerebral journeys. Into the mid-and late-1970s, other chartbuster bands served up music with uninspiring lyrics and formulated hooks. And let’s not forget Disco!

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