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Date Submitted: May 16, 2024
Job Title: Executive Director/Station Manager
Station: KPOV
Location: Bend, Oregon
Deadline to Apply: 05/31/2024
Salary Range: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 Commensurate to Experience.

Job Description:

Located in Bend, Oregon, KPOV, 88.9 FM is High Desert Community Radio. KPOV is a community-based, community-focused non-profit station by the people and for the people of Central Oregon. KPOV has been broadcasting for 19 years (originally at 106.7 FM, now at 88.9 FM) since 2005 and streaming on KPOV.ORG since 2007.  KPOV strengthens community, arts, culture, and democracy through independent, non-commercial radio.


KPOV is a 24/7, volunteer community effort, with a small staff and over 100 committed volunteers. KPOV’s volunteer DJs produce over 50 shows weekly, from local affairs to music. KPOV continues to create innovative programs and seeks new ways to bring exceptional homegrown radio to Central Oregon.


A full list of our values can be found at


  • Awareness of FCC, local, state, federal nonprofit and other relevant laws and ability to ensure KPOV operates within these laws.
  • Experience in nonprofit management, including knowledge of the principles and practices of nonprofit budgeting and financial management.
  • Ability to thrive in a democratically run, decentralized organization.
  • Comfort working with a wide variety of people in a diverse workplace.
  • Ability to plan, delegate, and collaboratively work with people to meet goals and achieve timelines.
  • Ability to work with staff and volunteers to adapt KPOV’s vision and goals to meet changes in technology and society.
  • Ability to inspire, lead and support inclusive organizational planning.



  • Experience in nonprofit management, including knowledge of the principles and practices of nonprofit budgeting and financial management.
  • Fundraising skills including major donor relations and familiarity with grants management, and application systems such as DonorPerfect.
  • Excellent skills in listening, oral and written communication, and public speaking.
  • Ease and dexterity with public interactions.
  • Experience with nonprofit board governance.
  • Excellent skills in active listening, oral/written communication, and public speaking.


  • Ensure compliance with FCC rules, regulations and guidelines, and standards applicable to non-commercial radio.
  • Ensure compliance with music licensing entities.
  • Ensure compliance with IRS and State regulations for non-profits.

Equipment and Technology Oversight

  • Ensure that the facility and equipment—including studios, offices, computers, software, transmitter, telecommunications, networks, and any other materials or items needed to effectively broadcast daily programming on a 24-hour basis—are operating, maintained, and repaired in a timely manner, using staff, contractors, and volunteers as appropriate.
  • Ensure adequate office software, hardware, and integration of computer systems to support administration, fundraising, membership, website and communications.
  • Develop plans to update systems as necessary.
  • Ensure the website is regularly updated and positively reflects KPOV.
  • Board of Directors working relationship – attend monthly Board of Directors meetings.
  • Keep Board apprised of station business.
  • Collaborate with the Board on policy development and strategic planning.


  • Work closely with Programming Director to ensure programming achieves the station’s mission and goals.
  • Provide general oversight to the staff and volunteers to ensure quality programming, including appropriate use of syndicated programs, quality production of live or station-produced programs and increasing listenership.

Additional Duties

  • Foster a cooperative, constructive work environment and work effectively with KPOV stakeholders.
  • Maintain close relationships with other local nonprofits and businesses with aligned values.
  • Serve as the primary communication link to other agencies & organizations involved in public broadcasting, represent KPOV’s interests to those agencies and organizations, and seek opportunities for collaboration or utilizing shared resources.
  • Act as a spokesperson for KPOV at public events.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Facilities Management

  • Oversee use and maintenance of KPOV’s physical facility and coordinate with staff to understand and address station needs.
  • Manage interactions with contractors and consultants used for limited scope and short-term work.

Human Resources and Legal

  • Provide HR support for staff including:
    • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented staff
    • Staff engagement
    • Performance management
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Development and training
    • Risk management

Workplace Culture

  • With Board and Staff, work to guarantee that KPOV’s environment is welcoming and supportive of all people, especially those targeted by oppressions, and that all are working to end oppressions and microaggressions at every level.
  • Strive to maintain a respectful work environment by upholding KPOV’s core values.

KPOV is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


This full-time position has a starting salary of $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 Commensurate to Experience. The Executive Director’s salary is reflective of KPOV’s annual budget.

Send required application materials to:
Address application materials to: Jim Burns – Hiring Committee