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On the latest edition of NFCB’s podcast Up for Air, Erika Pulley Hayes, President and CEO of 90.7 WMFE | 89.5 WMFV in Orlando, discusses the art of adaption.

Erika Pulley Hayes served the community and public media system at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As Vice President of Radio, she is credited with a string of innovations, including music formats and podcasting initiatives. Then she made a big change, leaving Washington, DC, for Florida. Then the pandemic struck, and she’s been tasked with leading during one of noncommercial media’s most difficult moments.

Listen here:

NFCB’s podcast Up for Air celebrates local media as a critical resource for preserving, uplifting, and understanding the “soul of the community.” Join us for discussions of media, leadership, and community building with new and veteran organizers, producers, and many more.

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