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Name: Douglas DuPont
Station/Affiliation: KDUR
Position: Music Office Manager
Relevant Experience:

I have been involved in community and non-commercial radio for a decade. I am humbled to have been apart of Wyoming’s sole community station (KHOL), as well as the state’s only high-school station (KJHB-LP). I have been involved with KDUR for eight years, first as a student, and now as a paid staff member. I believe that being on the NFCB board would give me the opportunity to learn from other professionals in-order to advance my station’s mission and listener base. Learning from like-minded individuals in the broadcasting industry would allow me to share KDUR’s successes, and learn what we can improve upon. Not to mention it’d be a significant feather-in-my-cap to be a member of the NFCB board. Thank you for your consideration.