Denise Soler Cox

Founder, Project Enye

Born in the Bronx, Denise Soler Cox is an indie filmmaker, national speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur, cultural blogger for Huffington Post Latino and syndicated content provider for Her high-energy appeal, relatable personality and trademark laugh transcends age, culture, and socio-economic classifications and instantly fosters a bond with all who know her. She is a sought-after speaker in academic, business and community circles inspiring everyday people to better tomorrow’s world by becoming better versions of themselves today.

In 2012, talent intersected with passion and Denise co-founded Project Enye (ñ) with Oscar-nominated documentary veteran Henry Ansbacher. Adding indie filmmaker to her distinguished byline, Denise gave her experiences of growing up first-generation Latina in America an international stage through the project. Project Enye (ñ) is a multi-media project focused on creating new conversations that reinvent the way we view culture and interpret diversity in our lives. Through film and live community engagements, Project Enye (ñ) bridges the gap between culture and place and facilitates Radical Cultural Self-Awareness, a present-moment introspection of culture, identity and self.

Project Enye (ñ) has given Soler Cox an opportunity to raise awareness about the opportunities, challenges and “shared experiences” many first-generation, American born Latinos with immigrant parents experience in America. Her commentary has garnered local, regional and national attention in English and Spanish outlets such as CNN; NBC; Fox News Latino; Telemundo; Univision and Latina Magazine. Regionally, she made the cover of Westword Denver offering local readers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this modern-day movement.