Craig Huizenga

Owner, HiDat Services LLC

Craig Huizenga is a technologist based out of Seattle, WA. As an aspiring computer science student, Craig built his first music cataloging software in the summer of 1986 as a way of manage his 200 album vinyl and cassette collection. People were amazed by its remarkable ability to print a list of albums ordered by both title and artist.

In 1996, as a member of the founding team of PlayNetwork, Craig developed the software for the first MP3 jukebox used to provide music to businesses. The device could play 16 hours of unique content, and even control the time of day different playlists were played! He’s been working in the ‘boring backend’ of the music industry ever since, developing many different systems used to manage and distribute content for multiple players in the industry as well as his own music management system, Record Bins.

As a long time fan and supporter of non-commercial radio in Seattle, Craig began working with KEXP in the spring of 2015, after visiting the station as part of their ‘new home’ campaign. Working with KEXP’s in house librarian, Craig helped them build a system to efficiently digitize the station’s collection. He continues to work with KEXP on various projects, as well as using his learnings from KEXP to help other stations in the Seattle area to digitize their collections and make use of their digital assets.