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With coronavirus fears spreading, many community radio stations are scrambling to address the programming, news and volunteer needs they face.

Here are a few resources for your community media organization to address coronavirus.

How do you handle your community’s many questions about COVID-19? Hearken offers a free workflow tool to help you. You may also get insights about what people are talking about from the new CrowdTangle dashboard, covering social media discussion.

Tools for Reporters shares five tips for covering coronavirus from an epidemiology professor. Also, on the programming front, First Draft has a roundup of resources.

If your station is looking at working remotely, Google and Microsoft have both opened their enterprise conferencing tools free due to COVID-19 for a limited time. Speaking of remote work, LION Publishers offers 18 tips for handling work at home.

Paragon Strategies offers a local radio pandemic checklist. The National Association of Broadcasters posted a coronavirus response kit, with questions your station should look to answer.

NFCB offers a comprehensive guide to addressing COVID-19 for community radio. This material is available in NFCB’s Solution Center for member stations. If your station is not yet a member, you can join now.