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October 20 is a day to celebrate people-powered media.

Community Media Day has been observed throughout the United States has an opportunity to recognize television, radio and other media based on community producers. For community radio, this event is an engagement opportunity.

Like National Radio Day, Community Media Day is a chance to get audiences talking about the values of community radio. Stations are encouraged to host local events, to broadcast observances and gear up to talk about Community Media Day on social media. Stations are also encouraged to utilize the attention to remind audiences about the importance of local media and why they should donate to keep it strong.

BRIC in Brooklyn, the organizer of Community Media Day, offers a range of ideas for you.

October 20 this year happens on a Friday. NFCB allies at the Alliance for Community Media and others will be promoting Community Media Day. You can also follow NFCB on social for more.

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