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NFCB is pleased to share the full schedule for Wish You Were Here, our 2021 unconference.

Throughout the month of July, NFCB will host online events as part of Wish You Were Here. NFCB’s 2021 program will be focused on four areas: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Mis/Disinformation; Polarization; and Wellness and Mental Health.

Our keynote events feature some of the foremost leaders in media. The keynote schedule looks like this:

July 7: Wise Warriorship: How To Advance DEIJ In A Complex World. In this 90-minute talk, author and Brevity & Wit founder Minal Bopaiah discusses the importance of wisdom for anyone committed to this work. Register here.

July 13: Confronting Vaccine Dis- & Misinformation. COVID-19 conspiracy theories and false information are deepening divisions and creating confusion in cities and towns everywhere. Join leaders from First Draft to examine the pervasiveness of this issue. Register here.

July 15: When Every Day Is A Mental Health Day. Karen Hawkins, co-editor-in-chief of the Chicago Reader, will offer suggestions for leading with compassion, how to make boundary-setting safe, and being OK with not being OK. Register here.

July 21: StoryCorps’ Dave Isay and One Small Step. Dave Isay, founder and president of StoryCorps, is a public media icon. His latest initiative, One Small Step is aimed at tackling divides in our nation. Learn how StoryCorps is helping communities to counteract intensifying political divides and enabling those who disagree to listen to each other with respect. Dave Isay will be introduced by President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Patricia de Stacy Harrison. Register here.

NFCB has made its keynotes free and open to all interested people. You are encouraged to register now and arrive early, as NFCB expects capacity crowds for these events.

Our members-only exclusive sessions are sprinkled throughout the month of July 2021. Members can view the schedule registration links here (login required) in NFCB’s Solution Center. Here are just a few conversations you can be a part of:

  • Sustainer Programs and Pledge Drive Alternatives
  • Programming Management – digging into the many issues with volunteers and content
  • Establishing and effectively running your monthly giving program
  • How to launch and make your local morning programming sustainable
  • Ask the Attorneys – your chance to query lawyers about all your station needs
  • Music Reporting 101 – know the terms and rules for music rights and radio
  • Rivendell Users Group – a meetup for stations using the popular automation system
  • The FCC’s Upcoming Filing Window – learn what you need to know about the Commission’s forthcoming full-power application rollout

The agenda is on NFCB’s conference page.

NFCB wishes to thank its Wish You Were Here Kilowatt supporters, Foster Garvey and Spinitron, and Megawatt supporters, Broadcast Tool and Die, Hindenburg, Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, and UnderCurrents.