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This political moment may be the best time ever to spread the word.

Washington debates over funding of non-commercial educational broadcasting have prompted many stations, including those not receiving such support, to take the moment and explain the value of such radio.

Community radio in diverse areas around the United States serves an important function. An April 20 webinar by the National Federation of Community Broadcasters will help your station talk about its service, use social media to do so, and potentially expand your base.

Brian DeShazor of the Community Counts Coalition will lead the webinar. DeShazor has had a long career as an archivist, radio producer, and advocate for stations. He’ll examine how to use resources from the Community Counts Coalition to shape your message, and tell your town or city what you bring.

This webinar is available for NFCB member stations. If you are not a member station, you can join NFCB now.

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