Syndicate A Show

Does your station produce programming available to other stations? Do you produce a program or podcast available for broadcast by community radio? NFCB wants to hear from you.

One of the most common questions is about programming options for stations. “What programs or podcasts can our community radio station carry for free or little cost,” or “how do we share our programs and podcasts with community radio stations”?

We’re building a directory of shows and want to include yours. These details will help NFCB create a guide for stations interested in carrying free/low-cost programming. Many of the questions here are detailed, but are commonly what community radio stations want/need to know. NFCB will strongly advise stations to communicate with you — let you know when/where your program is added, what they like, and how you can be part of their work.

In addition, NFCB believes in equity and sustainability for producers and stations. We’ll list when programs cost or request a donation.

Thanks for participating, and good luck in your community radio syndication adventures!

Syndicated Program Information

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    4. Program Description
    5. Program Time Length
    6. Day and Time Available to Stations (required)
    7. Program Frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) (required)
    8. Program Contains Explicit Language/Content YesNo
    9. Program is Doing Music Reporting for Syndication (if a music program or using full songs) YesNo
    10. Program Has Underwriting Announcements YesNo
    11. Program Contains Sponsorship/Donation Information or Request YesNo
    12. Program Website Has Products/Services for Sale or Accepts Donations YesNo
    13. Program Has Pledge Drive Editions or Pitches Available YesNo
    14. Program Has Pledge Drive Premiums Available YesNo
    15. RSS Feed for Stations (if applicable)
    16. Web Download for Stations (if applicable)
    17. PRX/PRSS Link for Stations (if applicable)
    18. Program Contact if Stations Have Questions