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Podcasting is the buzz of the media world. Celebrities are hosting podcasts. Unprecedented funding is pouring into the podcast industry. NPR has staked much of its revenues on podcasting. And, chances are, your board of directors is talking about your station doing podcasting too.

Yet the interest in podcasting has more to do than with money. Perhaps you are hoping to find a new way to engage your audience or diversify your base. Podcasting may be considered a way of recasting and expanding your community radio brand. As many station leaders worry about declining donations, an aging listenership and competitors to radio, podcasting may be a way to change fortunes, as has happened for many organizations betting on podcasting.

NFCB is pleased to announce a toolkit for community radio stations on podcasting ins and outs. The guide is focused on the strategic and practical questions faced by stations. Chances are, your organization does not need the here’s-a-microphone conversation most podcast tutorials offer. Instead, you are searching for advanced information, such as talking with your board, hiring and creating a podcasting program for your community.

The community radio podcasting guide is new from NFCB and now available in the Solution Center. If your station is not yet a member, you can join today.