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Celebrate Community Radio on #NationalRadioDay

By July 30, 2016September 20th, 2017Industry News

National Radio Day gives radio stations and listeners a chance to celebrate diversity in the interests of democracy.

On August 20, we recognize radio as America’s true voice. From low-power FM stations based in our divergent neighborhoods to radio in rural outposts to media groups serving areas most in need, where else are the underserved, veterans, youth, people of color, women and all who make this rich tapestry so clearly presented? Where digital is still dogged by race and class divides and public-interest television bravely stands tall, radio worldwide remains an important cultural force. National Radio Day is our chance to appreciate it, and to engage our communities about its value.

One of the big moments from the recent political conventions was about changemakers. Radio and community radio especially is this country’s changemaker. Stations help audiences see music, culture, ideas, debates and news in fresh way. Community radio sparks conversations, and opens up hearts and minds.

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the country’s veteran voice for community radio, is one of many organizations rallying radio stations for National Radio Day Aug. 20. NFCB serves the most heterogeneous radio stations, from Native American to Latino to media in small towns as well as big cities.

NFCB is encouraging community radio stations to promote National Radio Day on the air and for listeners to come out for their community stations on social media, using #NationalRadioDay. Stations may organize local events and community outreach, as well as use this opportunity to partner with fellow non-commercial, as well as commercial, stations. Last year, commercial stations in many cities promoted National Radio Day to great success. Organizers of National Radio Day offer many more ideas at

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