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Apply Now for Community Counts


What is Community Counts?

Community Counts is an initiative of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters aimed at sparking innovation at community radio stations. We’re looking for a cohort of 10 community radio stations who have EXISTING capacity and are ready to optimize it, design an engagement initiative, implement it, and evaluate it. We will help you throughout  the process.

What is involved if we’re accepted into Community Counts?

Selected participating stations will be involved in 18 months of intensive training, coaching and mentorship, including one in-person meeting and three online classes. These will be focused on best practices in content, revenue development, community engagement and organizational capacity building. During this period, stations will design a creative project intended to increase the station’s growth and aptitude in all four areas.

What kinds of ideas are accepted?

NFCB is seeking stations to develop projects that address all areas of the Circle of Engagement model, and are meaningful to the community the station serves. The strongest ideas position the station for relevance in its community and center growth for the organization. In addition, good ideas help expand audiences and cultivate new leaders in community media.

What if we don’t have a solid plan?

Write out your idea and apply. Part of the training, mentorship and overall process will likely facilitate changes to even the most thought-out proposal.

What if we’re unsure if our proposal will succeed?

Risk taking is part of innovation. You are encouraged to apply. NFCB has organized training and other resources to give stations the greatest chances for success. Ultimately, the station will be responsible for developing the support and infrastructure to make the project sustainable. However, NFCB will make the initial investment to put the station in the best position.

What kind of funding is available?

A stipend of $7,000 will be disbursed once the final plan is ready to help bring station projects  to life and defray direct expenses associated with the implementation. This stipend may not fully fund an initiative but will certainly help get it off the ground.

Who can apply?

Any station is welcome to apply, so long as the station holds a Community Service Grant and is in good standing with CPB.

Who must participate if we’re selected?

Applicants must include the general manager and a staff member of their choice.  GMs must be in their managerial roles for at least two years. In addition, the GM must be confident that they can secure the written support of organization’s board of directors once selected.

How much will it cost?

Selected applicants must contribute $1,000 toward their involvement in Community Counts. Travel, training and all associated costs are covered.

What are participants’ reporting/documentation requirements?

Participants will track their progress and submit two written updates, a financial report, and a final report to NFCB. The format of the report will be provided at the orientation convening and will not be onerous as this project has a project manager and an evaluation consultant on board at NFCB to help with all of that.

What kinds of stations should apply?

NFCB will choose applicants to reflect demographics of our members who are CSG recipients . Of the ten stations to be selected, likely six will be of the rural classification, two will be minority stations and two will be of the urban classification (as designated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting).

When is the application deadline?

The application period runs through August 20 at 10 p.m. PT.

What about…?

You can contact skane@nfcb.org with questions. An online meeting will be held on August 15 at 4 p.m. Eastern/3 Central/2 Mountain/1 Pacific [Google Cal | Outlook | Yahoo Cal] to answer questions as well.

Apply Now for Community Counts