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The Online News Association, #ONA16, conference is happening now. Here are a few sessions of interest to community radio.

These sessions are others are being streamed. Thanks to ONA for all its efforts!

Thursday, Sept. 15, 11:30 a.m. Mountain:

Bringing Ethical and Social Newsgathering to Your Newsroom: “How do you maintain high content-verification standards with limited resources? How should your newsroom be clearing rights and crediting sources? What are the dos and don’ts of communicating with the public? How can you make sure social reporting staff stay safe and healthy?”

Socializing a Visual-Less Medium: The Future of Social Audio: “WNYC and NPR are creating unique on-platform applications in partnership with core social media platforms to attempt to solve this problem. Here we’ll present techniques, best practices and learnings from these experiments, including a native Facebook player to increase in-line audio consumption and shareability, and an audiogram generator technology that took a simple hack of creating video files from audio and made snackable audio content viral.”

Welcome to the Snapocalypse: Navigating, Surviving … and Thriving? … With Distributed Content: “Embracing distributed content means relinquishing some control, not just over elements like design, but also data on our audience.”

Thursday, 2:30 p.m. Mountain:

Designing Journalism for a Digital Conversation: “From the rise of chat apps to the successful re-invigoration of newsletters with personality, it’s obvious audiences are hungry for new ways to connect with news and information. Learn how to build a unique conversation around the news and deal with the technological, ethical and editorial issues these new experiments raise.”

Rethinking ‘Diversity’: How to Cover Race & Inclusion: “Why is the term diversity’ losing favor? We’ll look at examples of how stories can better represent our readers, users and viewers, as well as how our coverage actually comes across in feeds, snaps and newsletters. We’ll also discuss specific examples of who’s getting it right.”

Thursday, 4 p.m. Mountain:

Broadcast, Web Video and the Attention Economy: “Web video takes an entirely different mindset than a standard television broadcast. How do we design something to catch attention online? We’ve assembled a team of experts — from Denver to India — who’ve approached this challenge in a variety of ways, from the Denver Post launching a new video operation to TV journalists treading into new territory on the web. We’ll discuss the workflow each group uses to produce high-quality web video, as well as best practices for getting attention for your pieces.”

Legal Panel: “Join us for this interactive session, updated each year with fresh, relevant guidance on the unique legal issues surrounding digital journalism and technology.”

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