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Many community radio stations send out member packs to donors during the pledge drive. What should you include?

When pledge drives are in full swing, it is traditional to mail something to donors, either electronically or by postal mail. This is a nice touch for donors to know that you appreciate them. It also grows the relationship for future contributions.

When you take pledges, it is a smart move to collect postal and email addresses, and basic contact details, for several reasons. Stations may need to check later about a pledge. Stations will also want to send out appropriate tax forms at the end of the year. And lastly, you will want to follow up with a donor after a contribution. Mail carries more weight to donors than just an email.

The first consideration for postal mail is weight. With every packet you mail, you’ll need to cover postage. About five sheets of paper is the limit for standard first-class mail. Bigger packs mean more postage, so think through what needs to be there.

Some things typically sent by community radio stations:

  • a thank you letter
  • a receipt for the pledge
  • an envelope for those who promised to mail a check

Other stations add in items like program schedules, member cards and a sticker, typically smaller than a bumper sticker.

How you communicate to donors matters, so your donor packets should continuously be reviewed. An effective member pack is a powerful tool for community radio development. NFCB has additional resources for fundraising for member stations. You can join today.

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