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Fires and hurricanes mean community radio is more distressed than ever before and needs your support.

Rural California community radio is facing uncertainty with massive wildfires. In Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico, community media has been affected by hurricanes. These catastrophes happen during a period traditionally associated with community radio fundraising, further impacting these organizations.

Why should you consider supporting affected, and all, community stations?

Community radio needs your donation more than ever before. Media organizations typically appeal mostly for donations locally. When the whole area is dealing with destroyed homes and the like, the pool of potential donors shrinks. Those from outside can provide financial contributions that the community can’t give.

Whether you are in a zone where calamity has struck or not, chances are community radio has done positive things in your town. Emergency preparedness and disaster information are just two of the roles community media serveĀ in most cities. If you’re unable to support an affected station, support all community radio now as stations raise operating funds to stay around.

The affected community media serves their areas with insightful, important coverage. All community radio is worthy of your tax-deductible gift, though.

Please look over our map of stations affected by disaster, as well as your local station, and make your donation today.

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