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Gone are the days when your station’s music programming was the only gig in town. Gone are the days when radio was the one and only way to hear new music. So if that’s true….how come music discovery on the radio dial is going strong?

Find out all about it with Mike Henry, founder and CEO of Paragon Media Strategies. Mike is a change agent in the public media space as you’ll see when you check out the website. Whether it is creating Vuhaus, helping develop The Colorado Sound, or traveling nationwide to consult with stations….Mike is a respected expert on music discovery, audience building, and music programming in general.

You can stay in the music game, up your game, expand your audience, and serve listeners better. It’s not only possible but it’s attainable and this session will help strengthen your understanding, resolve, and strategy for being the best listening station in your area. Take advantage of this highly affordable intensive and get your 2017 conference experience off to an inspiring start!

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