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Community radio can do well during Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising with a few important elements.

Last year, NFCB hosted GiveBig to MyStation. This year, we’re focused on supporting stations’ local fundraising efforts. From statewide nonprofit initiatives to existing plans, community radio stations have a wealth of opportunities to partner locally and amplify your voice.

There are four basic components for your Giving Tuesday and year-end effort. They are:

This is straightforward. How much do you want to raise? What will the funds go into? People love to support big ideas and projects. Set your goal, let your audience know where it’s going, and shoot for it.

Stations planning their Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising should plan their on-air, in-person and online components now to have the greatest success. Social media scheduling tools can boost your online plans. Classy offers a few free templates to give you ideas. It’s also important to recruit those active on social media to share campaign messaging and to provide content for your programmers to promote your station’s efforts. This can take the form of on-air scripting and produced promos.

Those may all sound well and good, and pretty simple. What you focus on is what matters, though. Three messages are proven winners in year-end and Giving Tuesday giving. They include why people should give, what their support creates, the sort of community donations contribute to, and how donations help others. You can also share how your station contributes to local ideas, news and culture.

When do you get all this done? What are the deadline for scripts, social, local events and on-air messages? Typically you want to give audiences as much time as possible to educate them with your ask, but above all you want to be organized and approach your activities in a structured way to get the best results.

NFCB provides a variety of support for community radio. Your station, if not a member, can join today.

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