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The NFCB Grand Rapids Regional Summit is just one week away. Why should you plan to attend?

Here are three big reasons:

1.) Remarkable speakers with relevant lessons

Summit highlights include Neenah Ellis will show how content, engagement and revenue are interconnected at WYSO, a public radio station in a town of 3,000 people in southwest Ohio where she has been the manager for nine years; Julia Haslanger from Hearken shows how stations can better surface what your audience wants and needs, and then create and serve relevant content to those audiences; Michael Beach and John Groundwater of NPR will share their experiences helping stations in Puerto Rico return after the hurricane, and practices for managing before, during, and after a crisis; Joe Voss of Creative Many will share strategies and tactics for event-based work, and successes and struggles of working together to the mutual benefit of everyone involved; Greater Public’s Melanie Coulson talks about ways you can raise more revenue, connect in more meaningful ways with your existing donors, and reach out to acquire more; and, WYCE will show how it uses music programming in its organizational strategy.

2.) Affordable registration and location

Thanks to Wyncote Foundation for their generous support, registration to the summit is set at a very low rate. We’ll provide a range of suggested hotel options so you can choose what fits your budget.

3.) Experience community media success

NFCB’s Regional Summits are lifting up localism. We are meeting in community spaces and welcomed by local host stations. Grand Rapids Community Media Center is a multi-platform media and technology assistance organization whose mission is to build community through media. It is home to member station and summit host WYCE (88.1 FM), Wealthy Theater, the Rapidian, and GRTV.

You can register today for the Regional Summit in Grand Rapids here.

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