2022 NFCB Virtual Community Media Conference FAQ

Do I need my own Zoom account to register and attend the conference, and if so, can I get a free Zoom account?
Yes, because each attendee will be provided with their own unique link to access the conference, each registrant will need to register for the conference from an individual (free) Zoom account. A free Zoom account can be obtained here (click on the orange “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE” button).

Will the sessions be recorded to be viewed after the conference ends?
Yes, the sessions will be recorded and archived in the Solution Center once the conference has concluded.

Will we be able to ask questions during the conference?
Yes, there will be Q&A options during the sessions. There will also be a chat option and/or contact information for each of the sponsors of the conference in the main lobby area.

I’m in a time zone that makes attending live sessions challenging. Is there a way to submit questions for sessions in advance?
Yes. If you live in a time zone that makes it challenging to attend the virtual conference, NFCB staff is happy to submit your question(s) to the speakers in advance of their session(s). Reach out to Lisa for more information (lisa@nfcb.org). If you are not in a conflicting time zone, please ask your questions directly, during the session, by using the Q&A box.

I am an independent producer with no station affiliation. Can I attend the conference?
Yes, any non-NFCB member may register to attend the conference at the nonmember rate of $100.

What happens if I experience technical issues during the conference?
Tech support personnel will be available to help with Zoom tech support issues via chat and email throughout the live portion of the conference on June 27th and 28th. If you have tech support questions before, during, or after the conference, you can also send email to: membership@nfcb.org.

Our station cannot use a credit/debit card or PayPal. How can we pay to attend the conference?
Please reach out to gretchen@nfcb.org for assistance.