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Underwriting is key for many community radio stations. Underwriting is a major source of revenue. Underwriting also help shorten on-air fundraising by ensuring operating funds are flowing into a station. How can your community radio station do the best underwriting? What are the complicated copy and regulatory issues to know? And how can you be most effective in your community?

NFCB hosts a range of tools for community radio stations to create great underwriting programs. Here are ten top resources.

  1. NFCB Underwriting Guide
  2. Templates for an underwriting program for community radio
  3. Developing a station policy on underwriting
  4. Guidance on underwriting by political candidates and for political causes
  5. Guidance on underwriting by religious organizations
  6. Guidance on cannabis (marijuana, et al.) underwriting
  7. Webinar: Underwriting 101 for Stations
  8. Webinar: Effective Underwriting Copy and Community Radio
  9. Webinar: Handling Controversial Underwriting
  10. Webinar: Responsive Underwriting In Challenging Economic Times

To access these materials, you must be an NFCB member station with a login to the Solution Center. If you are with a member station and need help, please contact us now for assistance.

If your community radio station is not yet a member, you can join here.